ACBL Speakeasy

Bidding. Bots. Bulletins. Today’s Speakeasy seems to be brought to you by the letter “B”! Go ahead and browse below for a briefing on bridge.

Bidding in a Winter Wonderland

Remember last Speakeasy when we promised more details about Winter Wonderland? Your wintery wishes have come true!

Click here to view the schedule of events and plan when you and your partner will play.

Note that unlike past online tournaments, Winter Wonderland starts on a Tuesday and runs through Friday (Dec. 20-23, to be precise).

Mayne Beat the Bots

Congratulations to John R. Mayne of Modesto CA! John won the 2023 Fall NABC Robot Individual in November.

See the target=”_blank”>front-page story of Daily Bulletin (“Mayne Man”) for the scoop and then check p. 5 of the same issue for the overalls.

Fall NABC Follow Up

Speaking of the Fall NABC, we’ve got loads to share even if you couldn’t make it to Phoenix.

There are, of course, the Daily Bulletin issues from each day – write-ups and plenty more – but there are also photo albums on our Facebook page to check out. You’ll find a Winners Circle as well as a collection of candid shots.

(Psst! Click here to see details about the Spring NABC in New Orleans.)

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