The Member Appreciation Event has ended

Thank you so much for being part of our Member Appreciation Event! You’ve stayed with us through the years, playing this wonderful game and supporting our efforts to keep bridge the number one mindsport. We truly do have the best members ever.

Daily Winners

October 21

Duffle Bag Winner: Andrea Ventris

Backpack Cooler Winner: Lisa Bealle

Sock Winners:

  • David Lawrence
  • Wendy Fotland
  • Margaret Cunningham
  • Sue Hanneman
  • Melissa Waldron
  • Guillaume Douville
  • Edward Niemirak
  • Kamil Samra
  • Ruth Bruning
  • Ann Munoz
Mug Winners:

  • Sara Ellis
  • Sally Shapiro
  • Ann Smallen
  • Lorie Spanjer
  • Candice Ragsdale
  • John Burns
  • Steve Lowe
  • CPatricia Mayer
  • Rick Read
  • Jane Yates
Notebook Winners:

  • Paul Jacobson
  • Alica Faintich
  • Susan Meredith
  • John Morgan
  • Ronald Toles
  • Valerie Remmer
  • Danny Simpson
  • Randee Bloomberg
  • Katherine Kwong
  • Sheryl McEwan

October 20

Duffle Bag Winner: Richard Klass

Backpack Cooler Winner: Ken Hendrix

Sock Winners:

  • William Pearman
  • Madonna Walden
  • James Kielt
  • Peggy Lee
  • Jane Krangle
  • William Schott
  • Debra Tvrdik
  • Stanley Stolarz
  • Alexander Stille
  • Terry Bysom
Mug Winners:

  • Robin Stoller
  • Tillman Hughes
  • Samuel Miller
  • Bill Gottschall
  • Shirley Dulcey
  • June Leitch
  • Gary Helman
  • Cyndi Prince
  • Thomas Braybrook
  • Marie Valburg
Notebook Winners:

  • Debra Kastenberg
  • Bob Saunders
  • Delma Murry
  • Dr. Michael Frais
  • Elizabeth Youngman
  • Nancy Serne
  • Susan Silvers
  • Pamela Whitlow
  • Maurice Orman
  • Sheryl Overturf

October 19

Duffle Bag Winner: Gaye Villa

Backpack Cooler Winner: Olga Ehrhart

Sock Winners:

  • Mina E. Jacobs
  • Lauren Rosen
  • Mary Reilly
  • Elaine Mowat
  • Caryn Musicer
  • Sheryl Clough
  • Sharron Tryon
  • Adian Steineman
  • Ian Monro
  • David Kupperman
Mug Winners:

  • Paul Benedict
  • Stan Weinstein
  • Dave Lang
  • Gary Levine
  • Denyse Holt
  • Gregg Shimokura
  • Ben Yang
  • Adam Wilkinson
  • Thea Davis
  • Len Fettig
Notebook Winners:

  • Fay Bildman
  • Sharon Beck
  • Angela Snyder
  • Steve Smolen
  • Ruth Hansen
  • Cam Lindsay
  • Shailesh Sampat
  • Mary Ann Boardman
  • Sandy Thwaites
  • Jeff Roberts

October 18

Duffle Bag Winner: Thomas F McGuire Jr.

Backpack Cooler Winner: Dr. Ron R Warner

Sock Winners:

  • Nancy B Lenfest
  • Karen G. Cohen
  • Heather J. Taylor
  • Darlene L. Palmas
  • Susan Pattison
  • Jo A Portie
  • Daniel McClain
  • Laurel Ludden
  • Dee A Jennings
  • Anita E. Greenberg
Mug Winners:

  • Richard R. Nelson
  • Eleanor Shannon
  • B.K. Sloan
  • Marcy D. Sheinwold
  • David Bodnaryk
  • Linda L. Sauter
  • Debra J. Suller
  • James W. Warren
  • Rose M. Ferguson
  • C.R. Healy
Notebook Winners:

  • John J. Scotch II
  • Edward Matzkin
  • Carol Deremer
  • Shirley Skinner
  • Jo Ann Beckmann
  • Marilyn Fertig
  • John Ford
  • Dr. Brenda Koblick
  • Marie Dent
  • Carolyn Tower
Daily Trivia Answers
October 18 - What year was the ACBL founded?

A: 1937

Announcement was made on Sept. 29, 1937 that the long-sought merger of the five-year old United States Bridge Association headed by Ely Culbertson and the 10-year old American Bridge League headed by William McKenney had been effected by mutually acceptable agreement. Tentatively the new organization was to be known as the American Bridge Association. It quickly came to light that another national bridge organization founded in 1932 to encourage contract bridge among African-American players was named the American Bridge Association and within the next month the name American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) was decided upon for the newly merged organization.

October 19 -What trophy was stolen in 1954 and never recovered?

What trophy was stolen in 1954 and never recovered?

A: The Gold Cup

The Gold cup was put into play in 1930 by Waldemar von Zedtwitz. While in the possession of John Hubbell, the winner of the event in 1954, the original was stolen after a television appearance by Mr. Hubbell. While on the air, he carelessly gave the address of the bridge club where the trophy was being kept. The Gold Cup in the ACBL Museum is an exact replica of the original (also provided by von Zedtwitz).

October 20- What Trophy was stolen in 1964 and later recovered?

A: The Vanderbilt Cup

Vanderbilt trophy was stolen on June 4, 1964 from a display at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. It was recovered in July 1964 when the thief tried to sell the 11-pound trophy to the Newman Silver Shop in Reno NV. The man, John Hadreas, an Ambassador employee, was arrested and charged with possession of stolen property. His bail was set at $2,500.

October 21 - Who made the first paper oblong duplicate boards?

A: William McKenney

The first oblong boards were made of paper by William McKenney in 1928; the first metal boards were by F. Dudley Courtney in 1931.

October 22 - What year were plastic boards introduced by the ACBL?

A: 1976

As far back as June 1946, ACBL was anxious to have a plastic duplicate borad made, “but has so far been unable to get in touch with the right people. If you know plastics then you know what our problem is.”

In November 1950 the Bulletin reported, ““Our supply department is flooded with requests for plastic duplicate boards. An experimental set was used at the Summer Nationals in Columbus for the purpose of correcting flaws in the workmanship. The manufacturer is now making improvements and corrections. As this requires changes to the original mold, the process is necessarily slow. We hope to have some sets at the Winter Nationals in New Orleans, but at this point, we cannot predict the date when they will be available to the public. However, when that day comes, an almost perfect board will go into play all over America.”

December 1967 – The Graduate

Mr. McGuire: I just want to say one word to you. Just one word.
Benjamin: Yes, sir.
Mr. McGuire: Are you listening?
Benjamin: Yes, I am.
Mr. McGuire: Plastics.
Benjamin: Exactly how do you mean?

Finally – July 1976, Salt Lake City UT

The “perfect” plastic boards were used in tournament competition at the Summer NABC and have been used exclusively since.

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