July 10

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The Summer Instant Matchpoint Game (Digital edition) is back!

Exclusively for face-to-face clubs, the ACBL-wide Summer Instant Matchpoint Game (IMG) will be held on July 10. For a list of participating clubs, click here.

What is an IMG?

Instant Matchpoint Games are made up of deals that are scored in advance, and all participating clubs play the same deals. Because the deals have already been scored, players get the instant gratification of seeing their Matchpoint result at the conclusion of every deal from the travelling score slip that accompanies each board.

Need Gold?

The Summer IMG will award one Gold masterpoint to each N-S and E-W pair that tops their section.

But wait, there’s more!

Video and Written Analysis of the Deals

Play in the event on July 10 and come back here on July 11 for exclusive video analysis from experts Rob Barrington and Gavin Wolpert.

They will provide lively commentary, pro tips and more on 10 of the most interesting deals (in their opinion!) from the game.

A full written analysis of all 36 deals will be available at your club or you can download it on this page after the event.