March 10-20, 2022


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Reservations will open on September 15th at 12:00 pm eastern for Patron Members. Reservations for regular members will open on November 2nd at 12:00 pm eastern. We will be sending out emails and post a direct link, phone number, and email address of our housing provider for you to use to book your room. Please do not contact the hotel directly.

Host Hotels

Host hotels are located on The Row, 407 North Virginia St, Reno NV 89501. The Row includes:

Eldorado Reno
silver legacy reno
circus circus reno
$99 + tax
Silver Legacy
$99 + tax
Circus, Circus
$89 + tax




Parking is free.

Tournament Fees

All players must have an ACBL member number to participate in any event (ACBL member numbers are valid for life, even if your membership is inactive). If you have never been an ACBL member, you can purchase a full-year membership or become a guest member (120 days Free). Join now!

Entry Fees (per person/per session)

All fees are subject to change without notice.

Events ACBL Members* Inactive members**
NABC+ (Platinum points)
$1.50 per entry benefits the International Fund
$30 Not Eligible
NABC (Gold and Red points) $22 Not Eligible
Regional / Gold Rush (Gold and Red points) $20 $24
Intermediate/Newcomer (0-299er, Red points) $15 $19

* Members who are up-to-date with their membership dues or service fee** Inactive members may renew during the event, or pay a $4 upcharge per session

Team Entry Fees: For team events of three or more sessions, the entry fee is the base price of the event, times the number of people on the team. For example, an event with a base price of $20 is $80 for a team of four, $100 for a team of five, or $120 for a team of six. In all team events, except one- or two-session Swiss events, entry fees are charged on a per person basis.

Screen Fees: $10 per session per pair and $20 per session per team is added to events when screens are in use.

Youth & Junior Entry Fees
Youth Regional-rated Event Free Entry All Youth members are eligible for free entries that may be used at any Regional-rated event***.

NBO Junior Player Free Entry Juniors named to teams to represent Zone 2 NBOs in world competitions (“Junior NBO Player”) will receive free plays for NABCs occurring between the time they are named to the team and the world championship. These free entries can only be used while playing in a team or pair made up of Zone 2’s NBO Junior Players.

These are the amounts that each eligible Junior category will pay during NABCs (screen fees are not included in the Junior/Youth coupons and must be paid separately):

Events Youth Full-time Student,
age 21-25
NBO Junior
NABC+ $10 $10 Free
NABC $7 $7 Free
Regional / Gold Rush Free $5 Free
Intermediate/Newcomer Free Free Free

*** All Intermediate/Novice and Gold Rush events at NABCs are Regional-rated events


NABC Schedule

All bridge play will be at the .

I/N Schedule

Coming Soon

Conditions of Contest

Like all Olympic sports, bridge has a precise set of rules for competition. The Conditions of Contest detail these protocols and regulations for every event played at the NABC. Whether you need to know the rules for General Knockout Teams or you are looking for specific information about Blue Ribbon Pairs, the Conditions of Contest will guide you.

Seminars & Meetings
Beyond the games at the NABCs, members can enjoy educational programs. Below is a listing of the seminars being offered in Reno. Please check the NABC Daily Bulletin for the exact location of each session.

Around Town


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Tournament Committee

Position Name & Email
Chair Jackie Zayac
Finance Chair Tom Pajak
Publicity Chair Melanie Haddad
Welcome Desk Co-Chairs Ed and Cornelia Gould
Volunteer Coordinator Anne Hollingsworth
Intermediate/Newcomer Co-Chairs Jill Wallace
Sandy Haslem
Player Hospitality Chair Jacquelyn Mall
Partnership Chair Rich Scoggin
Prizes Co-Chairs Paul and Brenda Pugsley
Information Chair Ann Little
Program Book/Restaurant Guide Co-Chairs Dorene Beavers
Leslie Dahm
Charity Chair Diane Todd
District 21 Director (ex-officio) Stu Goodgold