Providence NABC Leaderboard

Chen–Zhang lead Wernher

Toronto-area players Richard Chan and Zheng Zhang were consistent in yesterday’s opening round of the Wernher Open Pairs, scoring 59.95% and 59.57% in the morning and afternoon sessions respectively to lead the qualifiers for today’s two session final. They have a half-board lead over Andrew Cavalier of Huntsville AL and Christian Jolly of Atlanta GA who are currently in second. Third place is occupied by brothers Tom Bishel and John Bishel of Columbus OH.

One hundred four pairs will play in today’s two-session final.

McAllister leads Mixed Bam quals

The squad captained by John McAllister leads the qualifiers in the Freeman Mixed Board-a-Match Teams. McAllister (Jovanka Smederevac, Alexander Wernle, Michael Xu, Olivia Schireson) posted a two-session total of 35 in yesterday’s opening round.

Tied for second with 34 are the teams captained by Loretta Rivers (Mike Cappelletti, Allison  Cappelletti, Anam Tebha, Luc Tijssen) and Eric Sieg (Lynn Shannon, John Miller, Kim Eng).

Twenty-eight teams qualified for today’s two-session final.

Nickell bounced from Spingold

In yesterday’s round of 32 in the Spingold KO Teams, the Australia/New Zealand foursome led by Sartaj Hans defeated the top seed captained by Nick Nickell, 104–97. Hans is playing with

Peter Gill, Michael Whibley and Nabil Edgtton.

Other top seeds getting the boot include the following: the No. 6 seed – Mike Levine – narrowly lost to Jason Feldman and company (Daniel Lavee, Jacob Freeman, Darren Wolpert, Venkatrao Koneru and Pratap Rajadhyaksha), 85–81; the No. 9 seed led by Stan Tulin, who fell to Mike Rippey’s squad (Kamil Nowak, Piotr Marcinowski, Piotr Nawrocki, Piotr Wiankowski and Grzegorz Narkiewicz), 107–92; and the No. 10 seed captained by Lynda Nitabach lost to Peter Bertheau’s team (Oren Toledano, Ami Zamir and Daniel Zagorin), 118–89.

The No. 5 seed led by Leslie Amoils hung on to defeat Eric Leong’s team by a single IMP, 123–122.

6K Mini-Spingold in QF round

Eight squads remain in the 0–6000 Mini-Spingold KO Teams. Today’s matches are as follows: the No.1 seed led by Nicolas Hammond faces the No. 8 seed captained by David Yoon; the No. 2 seed (Yang Xu, captain) plays No.7 (Leon Yu, captain); the No. 3 seed (Gerard Turcotte) meets No. 6 seed (Peter Clay); and the No. 4 seed (Steve Chen) takes on the No. 5 seed (Isaac Stephani).

Micro semis

Martin v. Hattis;

Whitehead v. Gosling

The semifinal pairings in today’s semifinal round of the 0–2500 Mini-Spingold KO Teams will see Roy Martin and company play Paul Hattis’s team, while Rick Whitehead’s squad will face Rachael Gosling’s team in the other bracket.

Few surprises in Spingold

The top seeds took care of business in Tuesday’s Round of 64; many of the matches were lopsided and several resulted in the trailing team’s withdrawal after three quarters. There were a few upsets: The No. 48 seed captained by Steve Levinson (Barnet Shenkin, Nils Kvangraven and Geir Brekk) defeated the No. 17 seed (Andy Goodman, Mike Passell, Mark Lair, Bauke Muller and Simon De Wijs) 143–114; the No. 47 seed led by Ettore Bianchi (Leonardo Cima, Alessandro Gandoglia and Irene Baroni) defeated No. 18 Hill (Kevin Dyer, Joyce Hill, Shan Huang, Ola Rimstedt and Mikael Rimstedt) 139–84 and the No. 45 seed captained by Bruce Rogoff (Eugene Saxe, Alexander Ornstein and Zygmunt Marcinski) narrowly overtook No. 20 seed (John Overdeck, Aldo Gerli, Leonardo Fruscoloni and Norberto Bocchi) 139–136.

Early action in the Mini-Spingolds

Twenty-two squads entered the 0–6000 Mini-Spingold Knockout Teams, and yesterday’s opening round pared the field to 16 teams. Today’s action will feature eight head-to-head matches.

The 0–2500 Mini-Spingold KO Teams featured 16 entrants who played head-to-head matches in Tuesday’s opening round. Eight squads advanced to today’s quarterfinal round.

Kotkin leads Senior Swiss

The team captained by Meyer Kotkin is leading the Truscott/U.S. Playing Card Senior Swiss Teams. The New Jersey- and New York-based team scored 114.22 VPs in Monday’s qualifying sessions and will have a carryover of 24.84. In second place is Melih Ozdil’s team with 106.33 VPs. In third place is Gaylor Kasle’s squad with 104.5 VPs.

Seventy-seven teams entered the event, 38 qualified for Tuesday’s two-session final.


Kislitsyna, Ionis-Sorren lead Wagar

Irina Kislitsyna of Bradenton FL and Bella Ionis-Sorren of Fort Lauderdale FL lead the Wagar Women’s Pairs after Monday’s qualifying sessions with strong games back to back. They scored 59.37% in the morning and 58.03% in the afternoon to earn a carryover of about two boards, 37.58 on a 19 top.

Disa Eythorsdottir of Huntsville AL and Melanie Tucker of New York qualified in second, about a sixth of a board behind.

The top scorers of the afternoon session, Sandra Rimstedt of Jupiter FL and Margie Cole of New York with a 64.37%, sit in third place.

Forty pairs qualified for today’s final out of 82 entered.

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