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Play and Learn at the ACBL Online Community Games

Twice a week for players with fewer than 50 masterpoints!

Note: Community Games will take a hiatus during July. For the month of July, the ACBL Clubhouse will host replacement games for the ACBL Community Games on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6 PM, in addition to the usual Clubhouse schedule. The replacement games are “Clubhouse Reward 0-20” and “Clubhouse Reward 0-50”. Regular Community Games will resume in August with learning the basics.

New in August: A special twist! A randomly chosen partnership from each game each day will be awarded a FREE entry to one of the new ACBL Clubhouse games. The ACBL Clubhouse offers daily games on BBO for newer players, so give it a try!

We’ve introduced a fresh series of online games called Community Games designed to provide a welcoming space for bridge fans who have a similar amount of masterpoints. All of these games offer masterpoints as rewards, plus, we have a couple of games followed by Zoom lessons.

Simply click the button below that corresponds to your current masterpoint level to discover the most suitable games for you. The entry fee for all games is only $5, and they’re hosted on Bridge Base Online within an ACBL Virtual Club, vacb909994.

How to Get Started
Create a Bridge Base Online (BBO) account
Visit BridgeBase.com and follow the steps laid out in this video.

Add your ACBL member number to your BBO profile
To play in this exclusive game, you need to have your ACBL member number added to your BBO profile. Add your number via this page.

Add funds to your BBO account
You will need at least 5BB$ (BBO bucks) in your account on game day. Watch this tutorial for instructions on how.

What to Do on Game Day
On game day, follow these steps:

  1. Login to BridgeBase.com
  2. Click “Competitive” then “ACBL Virtual Clubs”
  3. Click a game title including the word “Community”
  4. If you need a partner, please login at least 15 minutes early so we can help you find one!
  5. Invite your partner
  6. Have fun!

Stay active on the site before the game starts
Registration opens two hours before game time (4 p.m. Eastern), but you must interact with the website at least 10 minutes before the game starts. Otherwise, BBO will mark you as “inactive” and log you out of the game. Ensure you stay logged in by chatting with your partner or wiggling your mouse from time to time.

No partner? No problem!

  1. Locate your desired game and click “Register”
  2. Click “Partnership Desk” (on the right)
  3. There will be links there to add yourself to the Partnership Desk
  4. Chat with other players and partner yourselves OR
  5. If you can’t find a partner through the Partnership Desk, send a chat to vacb909994 Director
Weekly Schedule
Weekly Schedule

6 p.m. (0-20 mps & lesson) & 6:10 p.m. (0-50 mps & lesson)

6 p.m. (0-20 mps & lesson) & 6:10 p.m. (0-50 mps & lesson)

Note: All times are Eastern.

Create a Bridge Base Online (BBO) account
Visit BridgeBase.com and follow the steps laid out in this video.

Upcoming Lesson Topics
June Lesson Topics

6/27 – Preempts

Post-Game Zoom Lessons

After each game, a teacher will give a mini-lesson about some of the hands that were played during the game. The Zoom lessons are recorded, and any accompanying handouts are also put online.

June 25, 2024
Finding Controls

Lesson PDF
Replay Hands

June 20, 2024
Second Hand Low

Lesson PDF
Replay Hands

June 18, 2024
Negative Doubles

Lesson PDF
Replay Hands

2024 Zoom Video Lesson Archive
2023 Zoom Video Lesson Archive

The Zoom Room is available Monday through Friday, 3:30 pm-5:30 pm (Eastern).

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