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Join Us for Grass Roots FUNd Games in May May is Grass Roots FUNd Month for face-to-face clubs. During this month, any (or all!) sanctioned club sessions can be run as a special Grass Roots FUNd game. Funds raised during these special games are returned to each individual district so that they can support and
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POP-UP Games

Embrace Bridge on the Weekend with POP-UP Events Spice up your weekend club games with new POP-UP events! Created to revitalize weekend club games, POP-UPs are special games that can be held at face-to-face or ACBL Virtual Clubs. What sets POP-UPs apart? The masterpoint awards are 50% red, 50% black! Throughout the year, clubs have
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Back to Upcoming Events The Longest Day Participating Clubs Registration Non-Registration Participation Team Resources ACBLscore Instructions FAQ Playing Bridge to Raise Funds The Longest Day is an annual fundraising event held to support the fight against Alzheimer’s disease by the Alzheimer’s Association. The ACBL was an inaugural global partner for this effort, and after 10
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In-Person Special Events

In-Person Special Events Schedule Print 2024 Schedule Register Your Club Participating Clubs 2024 Month Day/Session Event May All Month Grass Roots FUNd Games Check with your club POP-UP Mother’s Day Weekend June All Month North American Pairs games, Flight A, B and C Wed, June 5 / Afternoon Olympiad Fund Game Canada-wide Event – 1st
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